Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ingredients: A Documentary

Just finished watching a documentary on Amazon Instant Video that I am super excited about.
(If you have a Prime Membership, you can stream it for free)
If anyone wants to know why we wanted to move here,
this beautiful place called Portland
watch the film.
It is beautifully done and embodies everything Nathan and I hope to do on our small farm.
We're living the dream, one compost heap at a time....
....we just need to buy our farm first.
We hope this blog is filled with pictures and tales of Harmon Farms sometime {very} soon.
The film's official website is here.
The link to the Amazon Instant Video page is here.
The film shows in great detail a number of farms right here in the Portland area and the amazing work they are doing building a local, sustainable network of food sources.
We live in the best place on earth!!!

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