Monday, March 24, 2008

In My Other Life I was a Black and White Photographer

First of all, let me say that I absolutely love our new camera and the quality of pictures we get from it, especially it having been totally affordable as well. If anyone needs a new digital camera, I would highly recommend the Canon Power Shot Series, we got the A560 and it only cost us $138 on It has so many awesome features, incuding automatic face recognition, where it somehow recognizes faces (you actually see four squared corners appear around every face in the screen as you are taking the photo) and it focuses the faces no matter what. No blurries! Secondly, I guess I should say that this is Holly talking. And the feature I love the most on our camera is the ability to manipulate the color right on your camera before you even take the photo, so I have fallen in love with the Black and White Feature. (You can also choose Sepia, Natural, Vivid, etc). The display shows the world as black and white, etc, as you point and shoot so you know if the picture will look good b & w before you even take it. Here are some candid shots of our beautiful children! I love black and white photography!

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