Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ava's Blessing Day

That sure is a cute girl in the top photo! Ava thinks she is so big, and prefers to sit up 24/7. I caught her smiling because she was so proud of herself. If you prop her in the corner of the couch she can keep herself up without falling over ever. She doesn't wobble, faceplant, anything! She thinks she is twelve already. The other photos are of her in her blessing dress (which turned out to be a fiasco - if you want the whole story email me and I will tell you - luckily the dress I could find at the last minute was affordable and adorable). It was great to have all the family that could come to our ward in Centerville! We had a great luncheon at our house after with lots of yummy food and two little boys doing anything to get attention!

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