Sunday, July 6, 2008

Major Post Update!

I have been slacking in my blogging, so here is a quick but thorough update! Over Memorial Day Weekend, we went to Bear Lake with the Yurth clan, and though it was sad to be rained on all weekend, we still had a great time. Jacob entertained himself by finding sticks all day long.
Isaac had an obstacle course-themed birthday party with his friends. My mom lent me this fun blow-up castle for the end of the course. The kids had a great time! Here they are holding their medal cookie necklaces they made.
For some reason the most fun the boys have with the sprinkler is piling all the outside toys on top of it.
We love how in this picture Ava is being patriotic (with her clothes), reverent, and pooping all at the same time! (Little girls don't do that, right?)
Here is Jacob's general reaction to the parade on the fourth of July. He can't stand any noise lately, even the fan in the bathroom makes him cover his ears. He also does it when he is scared (anyone who has ever ridden on the Terror Ride at Lagoon with me will know who he inherited that from).

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