Sunday, July 6, 2008

Thanks to Aunt Kari for the teeth! Jacob loves them and Isaac refuses to put them in his mouth.
Isaac played t-ball this year and really enjoyed it. My favorite quote from the season: After a game I said to him "Wow! You guys did a great job!" to which he replied, "Yeah! We didn't even catch the ball once!"
Isaac has been doing Tae Kwon Do since January, and he recently advanced to yellow belt in their Little Tiger program. He showed off his 'forms' in the Primary Talent Show last month. He's holding his certificate of advancement and also the board that he broke during his testing that day.
Isaac is so in love with Ava - whenever she's awake, you know Isaac is right there telling her how cute she is, getting her to poke his face and laugh about it, and basically keeping himself just shy of squashing her.

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