Thursday, August 14, 2008


My friend Mandy was doing this on her blog, so I decided to join in. Anyone can leave favorite memories with either myself or Nathan by clicking the comments link under this poat. It was fun to read the memories on Mandy's, so we'll see if anyone remembers anything funny about us (because I never do anything stupid that people would remember for years...oh, wait).


  1. HMMM...which memory should I pick? you know one of my favorites, besides being friends and all the little things that come with that is the first time I was able to watch you do Crazy For You scenes during dress rehearsal. I remember you coming out in your jeans and being Polly and it was so believable...and I just remembered being so inspired by you, and what you were able to do. You are so talented and I have to admit I was a little bit jealous!

    ps~you need to have comments available for all your post! I've visited your blog a bunch but could never leave a comment. Will you be going to the reunion?


  2. Too many. WAY TOO MANY to type. My favorite little red head girl ever...Emergency Paper towel to start...trampoline to finish...all them whacky plays in the most favorite was when I first asked you out, when I called you, I didn't identify myself, I just assumed you knew who I was (yeah, I mean c'mon)...but you thought it was Mr. Whatshisface, the CDJ band teacher asking you on a legitamte remember laughing my head off as I assured you that I wasn't him. Oh and all the really nice letters you wrote me to tell me whatever, those were really nice to have from you. You always knew what to write to make me feel great! You always had a great way with words, especially on the page. can't thank you and your sawsome husband enough for putting up with me.