Thursday, August 7, 2008

Nathan Is Totally, Officially, FINALLY the Manager!

Yes, to our great relief and satisfaction, after a year and a half of his bosses teasing him with the idea that he would be promoted soon, his hard work and patience and perserverence has paid off! So now he is the manager of Superior Care Pharmacy! Yea Nathan! I am so, so proud of my newly crowned Drug Lord...

And on a side note, we had a splendid time at Bear Lake with the Harmon clan - I have the best in-laws ever! (Really. I really do mean that. I heart them) But of course I was retarded and forgot my camera, so please any of my dear in-laws, please email me photos (or else I will steal them from off of your blogs anyway - especially embarrassing Wii tennis moments and the very impressive sand castle built by the boys). I am so sad! I forgot the camera last year too. Geez.

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