Thursday, August 7, 2008

Random Bits

Jacob was eating a plum one day and said "It's Mickey Mouse!" I just had to take a picture of this silly, proud boy.
Ava was such a trooper on our trip to Flaming Gorge. In a carseat most of time, in a cabin and camping and in the car for sightseeing and museum visiting, she was still so sweet and such a joy, as always. She did get a little overheated I think, her cheeks were pink like this most of the time!
Here are Nathan and the boys standing under the main dinosaur skeleton at the new museum in Vernal, Utah. (I am just now realizing that I always have the camera and am never in any pictures! Note to Self - approach strangers to take pictures of all of us, Holly!) The experience made quite the impression on them, and Isaac now loves to point out rock formations and make his guesses as to which layer holds the bones in it. Isaac's favorite part of the museum was digging for bones, and Jacob's favorite part was a collection of glow-in-the dark rocks. At the end of the museum, you exit through a bunch of life-size dinosaur models, and Nathan had them hold out their hand to pretend like they were feeding them, and well - Isaac was not convinced that they were really dead.
Isaac has been really into treasure hunts and clue games and books (especially anything in the I Spy category), so I planned a treasure hunt for them through our house. They were so excited when they found their treasure!
Isaac has now advanced to Orange Belt in the Little Tiger program at Tae Kwon Do. Here he is on testing day, sitting next to the board he broke with his front kick. It took him approximately 20 tries to do it, but he never gave up and his "Hi-YA!" go louder every single try.

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