Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Three Peas in a Pod.
Isaac is such a sweet big brother.

Jacob's job (which he invented and volunteered himself for) was to go pick the cherry tomatoes every day. Until the snow ruined it. Thanks, snow. But isn't he cute?

Jacob's first day of preschool at Taylor Elementary! I decided to see if they had any more openings, so now he does preschool and joyschool and loves them both. He is so proud that he has a locker with his name on it!

Gardner Village In the Rain

Stubborn as we are, my mom, sister Andrea, and myself decided we would thumb our noses at nature and go wander Gardner Village during priesthood session, because maybe, just maybe, it would clear up. It didn't. At least we got a few photos, some fudge from the candy shop, and a night out at Golden Corral (because the restaurant at Gardner Village, Archibald's, was insanely busy and cramped), where a little boy at the table behind us barfed all over the place. Miraculously, Isaac didn't see or hear it happen (he cannot handle such things...inherited from me), and we decided it was a good time to leave anyway.

That Little Ava that we LOVE!

We find Ava like this about ten times in a row before she will FINALLY fall asleep for a nap. Except she is usually crying about it and not smiling like a sweetie, which is the only reason I felt it ethically okay to take this picture.

Look at that sweet little face!

So close to crawling! She gets into this position so easily, rocks her little bum back and forth... and crashes on her face. She'll get it soon, I am sure. And yes, the baby gate is already in place at the top of the stairs.

Already reading!

Squash face!

Don't you all just want to reach through the screen and kiss her little cheeks? Oh, we could eat her right up!