Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Halloween (11 days late)!

We had a super-long but extra fun day visiting all of the family. Isaac was a ninja warrior, Jacob was a ghost ("Jacob Boo") and Ava was a ghost as well ("Baby Boo"). We visited Chris and Jared, my Mom at the library, my Grandma Barbara, Nathan at work (forgot to take a pic of that, but they got as much candy 'trick or treating' at the pharmacy as they would going out later that night), and also Kirt and Maureen. (Check out Jacob's serious face as I made him stand next to that scary man to take a picture! When Kirt took off the mask afterward, Jacob smiled and ran to him, relieved.) What a day - but it is all for the kids, and Halloween was my Very Favorite growing up. The idea that for one night, the world is transformed, you get to be whatever you can dream up, and for once the neighborhood at night magically belongs to you...as a kid, that night is pure MAGIC! Happy Late Halloween. If you want to see the pictures closer, just click on it and it will blow it up for you! It's supposed to say Visiting On Halloween, I guess my text got messed up somehow and I am too busy to fix it right now!

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