Friday, November 28, 2008

Holly gets tagged

Okay I am never cool enough to get tagged by anyone so I think my little sister just felt sorry for me....thanks Kari, you're a gem! (For having pity on your lame sister).


i am: creative
i think: too hard about things
i know: the Book of Mormon is true
i have: a beautiful family
i dislike: poorly written movies
i miss: being on stage
i fear: I don’t have enough food storage
i feel: immensely….then I compartmentalize and tuck it all away
i hear: Jacob humming “Funky Town”
i smell: toast
i usually: don’t stand up for myself
i search: for reasons to keep my chin up
i wonder: why I ever divulge that I can play the piano or sing, because then I am asked to do EVERYTHING IN THE WHOLE MUSICAL WORLD at church (and always at the last minute)
i regret: mmm, yeah. Not saying it here.
i love: moments when I feel like a kid again
i care: too much about pleasing everyone else
i always: apologize first
i worry: about doing what’s right for my kids
i am not: crazy about Oprah
i remember: my older brother talking me into eating Play-Doh
i believe: that everything is a choice
i dance: when I clean the house to Michael Jackson….or the soundtrack to the new Chipmunks movie
i sing: constantly
i don’t always: pray as often as I should
i argue: only when pushed too far
i don’t like: feeling unproductive
i write: whenever I need to unload…which is a lot
i win: when I do what is right
i lose: to the boys when we play candyland
i wish: I were never tired
i never: lose my faith in Heavenly Father and His promises
i listen: terribly…I’m a writer, what can I say
i don't understand: how the laundry keeps growing despite how many loads I do
i can usually be found: doing all the little things a young mom does
i am scared: of SPIDERS….oh, blech spgghht as;dlfkjslkjf! EW!
i need: to just be validated
i forget: everything these days, thank you Franklin Covey
i am happy: when I hold a baby

I'm actually not going to tag anyone else. I'm the rude one that stops the chain letter and brings seven years of bad luck on herself! Oh well.


  1. lol. i liked your tag and your ending of it. ha ha. i hate how they always claim some bad nonsense will come upon you if you don't tell five girl friends about some breast disease or that you think they are little angels sent to you from heaven. whatever! that's lame.

  2. I would tag you but i never get these things. Nobody wants to read the lies I post, because they all know me and know i LIE about these things. You are one step ahead of the unrighteous neighbor you have-me!