Saturday, February 28, 2009

Updating February

HARVESTING OUR LEMONS! We were stunned to actually get five, full-sized, beautiful lemons off of Nathan's Meyer Lemon tree. As you can see, Ava wasted no time biting into hers, peel and all. We let the kids do the picking since they were tempted to pick them every time they walked by the tree for months!

I caught Ava really getting into a good book.

Jacob - messy yet again. I think this was a popsicle.

This was the 100th day at school. Isaac is showing off the festive garb they made that day in his race care pajamas. Pretty funny!

Ava's adventure eating blackberries - shirtless, thank goodness....

and the subsequent bath after. What a cute messy eater!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

We are still alive, I promise.

Just surviving day to day as I wait for my energy to return now that I am in my second trimester. It is finally coming back. I am thankful that I never get very sick, but BOY am I easily exhausted (having three other little ones to run around after is a big part of it I am sure). We find out on Wed if baby number four is pink or blue, so news is shortly around the corner. Ava turns one on March 1st, I can hardly believe it. I hope that after her party I will have time and energy to post actual photos on here! More news soon...

Okay update on baby number four - I thought for sure in my brain I updated this a long time ago, but yet again, my memory proves faulty. Well, number four is another little GIRL! I am shocked, I thought it was a boy for sure, Nathan said he always knew it was a girl. So much for motherly intuition! So two boys, then two girls - what a nice little package for our family.