Saturday, February 21, 2009

We are still alive, I promise.

Just surviving day to day as I wait for my energy to return now that I am in my second trimester. It is finally coming back. I am thankful that I never get very sick, but BOY am I easily exhausted (having three other little ones to run around after is a big part of it I am sure). We find out on Wed if baby number four is pink or blue, so news is shortly around the corner. Ava turns one on March 1st, I can hardly believe it. I hope that after her party I will have time and energy to post actual photos on here! More news soon...

Okay update on baby number four - I thought for sure in my brain I updated this a long time ago, but yet again, my memory proves faulty. Well, number four is another little GIRL! I am shocked, I thought it was a boy for sure, Nathan said he always knew it was a girl. So much for motherly intuition! So two boys, then two girls - what a nice little package for our family.


  1. Holly-
    Look how cute you are! What a fun family! It is fun to see what everyone is up to after all of these years! Send me an email and I will send you an invite to our blog. Congrats on adding number 4! That is terrific.
    -Emily (Workman) Willardson

  2. I'm way anxious to hear what you're having. I'm guessing girl (cause everyone I know if having a girl right now).