Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Catching Up A Little at a Time

Updating this blog is way too big of a job to do all at once, so I have assigned myself to do one month at a time, and gradually I will catch back up! So here is a blast back to December....Here is Jacob getting his cast removed...

...then being immediately fitted for a splint as the doctor looked at X-rays and saw it was still broken. This is Jacob's 'cool face'. Pretty funny.
We quickly learned that if this arm was going to heal at all, we had to put it in a sling over the splint, and then belt the splint tightly against his body to hold it there.

Ava's December activities included feasting on the word - literally - , and...
crawling around being cute, when she wasn't screaming (her new favorite pastime). The boys' activites included
making reindeer hats,
gingerbread houses,
and decorating our new tree. What cute helpers!
Jacob's favorite present was his Thomas Action Canyon Playset,
Isaac's was his Darth Vader Transformer that transforms into the death star (and, we discovered, requires a degree in engineering to actually figure out how to do that),
and Ava's was a cute VTech bug toy similar to the one at Grandpa and Grammy's house. Soon I'll have January updated!

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