Saturday, January 31, 2009

Updating January


Here are the cute little guys banging pots and pans at midnight (they actually made it all the way). Ava was asleep of course. We let them go out on the back patio to bang and yell. Jacob, instead of yelling "Happy New Year!", yelled "Transformers! Transformers!" over and over. (he has never seen any Transformer anything, by the way). Isaac said his favorite part was getting to stay up late and eat whatever he wanted (we had an array of snacks out on the counter free for the grabbing, which never happens otherwise). We were so blessed in 2008 and look forward to 2009!


We took the boys to Walking with the Dinosaurs, and it was really cool! I, being the cheapskate -no, practical person - that I am, bought tickets in the lower part of the upper bowl so the tickets would still be good but half the price. I was proud of myself until we got to our seats and quickly saw that all of the lighting equipment was hung at exactly eye level and blocked about 25% of our view! Oh well. It still was really cool. Here is Nathan and the boys in front of the ESA (it's still the Delta Center to me).

Are we surprised to see Jacob with his ears plugged? This was even before the show started! The sound of the crowd was enough to elicit the ear-plug, I guess. But don't worry, the boys still had a great time. If you ever get to see it in your neck of the woods, don't miss it, it was very impressive!


Jacob turned FOUR on January 27th! We are so proud of our big boy! He is such a joy and blessing in our life! We love you Jacob. As we opened presents, there was more plugging of ears (this was a fire engine card that makes sounds).

The love affair between Ava and Faith continued to grow stronger through the party - how cute!

Faith made a fashion statement as well, making us all laugh. I think those are Jared's shoes?

It didn't take Isaac long to figure out the Lincoln Logs that Jacob got for a present. He built this without instructions in an amazingly short period of time (like, a half hour or less). His little engineering mind is so incredible! We love our smarty pants Isaac!

Jacob requested that we make an Oreo cake for his party, and our made up concoction turned out pretty good! Add Cookies n' Cream ice cream, and we had one happy little boy! Happy birthday Jacob!

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  1. How fun! I miss you guys. Ava is so big, I can't believe it. Can't wait to see you this summer. I'm still sad you can't make it out here with Chris.