Thursday, April 30, 2009


At the beginning of April we went with Nathan's mom and his brother Adam's family to Zions National Park. Nathan had to work unexpectedly, so he couldn't be there. So, six months pregnant, I pulled up my bootstraps and just went anyway...and it turned out just fine. We stopped off first at these interesting ruins just for fun (if anything, Nathan's mom LOVES to travel and just go for drives and check things out for future trip ideas).

Miraculously, a butterfly literally flew into Nathan's brother Adam's hands. Had to document that. Adam, the Butterfly Whisperer!
Ava spent much of her time in the hotel room like this, watching for birdies out on the lawn. She loves birds!
This is how Ava spent our hike in Zion's. Nathan's mom was so kind as to push the stroller for me the whole way so I wouldn't put myself into preterm labor. Thanks, Chris!
Here we are at the entrance before our hike.
From under the waterfall at the end of the hike.
The whole group (minus Ava asleep in the stroller behind the camera).
Isaac and Jacob with their cute cousin, Faith.
Silly boys!

Breathtaking scenery! So nice to see spring again!
My friends and I had an easter egg hunt inside our church house for our kids. It was rainy and awful outside, so luckily we were able to use the church. Look at all those cute kids!
The boys counting their loot. Ava just wandered the halls with a book.
Dyeing eggs with Daddy.
All done!
On Easter Sunday we got to visit Nathan's Mom and Nathan's Dad. Here is Ava at his Dad's, following Vinny (the dog) everywhere he went. Ava loves animals!
Cute little girl!
In Nathan's Mom's backyard.
The whole family on Nathan's Mom's stairway. Happy Easter!

In my family we have been trying to do girls' night every month. This month we learned how to make our own cheese. (Don't worry, we are not always that ambitious. Sometimes it is just a movie. Especially if I am the one planning it. Mom is always more creative than that!) Here is Melissa testing out the stretchiness!
My mom and Grandma Barbara getting gloved up for the fun.
I posted this picture against my own good judgment as I feel I look somewhat...not normal in this photograph. (And yes, don't tell anyone, but Nathan was there to help us out on Girls' Night...and thank goodness he was as he kept our methods and temperatures in check.)
Andrea working it on out. Stretch, baby, stretch!

The big day finally arrives! Time to prepare the garden for planting! The boys are so excited to move their plants from the tray to the garden.
Look at that nice soil. Good job, Daddy!
Even Ava wanted to help.

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