Sunday, March 1, 2009

Updating March: Ava Turns One!

Oh my goodness, how did this last year just fly on by? We are so proud of our cute, funny, fiesty little Ava who makes us laugh every day with her sweetness and dramatic antics. She walks very confidently now, in fact it only took her two days to finally decide she was ready and she was off! She can say about forty different things, and even some sentences, like "Where did it go?" and "Where's my baby?" (trying to find her doll). She is a silly girl who loves getting chased and tickled, and if you are on the floor, she will tackle you. She "reads" books to herself constantly in the cutest little jibber-jabber you ever did hear. We love our cute little Ava Marie! Ava Marie is so precious to me! Click to enlarge the below picture collage to see the mutilation of her cake.

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  1. Hey Holly,
    I love to see how you are doing through your blog, you have such a cute family. I am going private and wanted to send you an invite. Will you send me your e-mail address to Thx :)