Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Ava started off the month by catapulting herself over the arm of the couch and landing head first on the edge of our terracotta planter. Poor baby! We had to hold her down to ice it. She recovered quickly, and still tries daily to do it all over again.
Here is Isaac with his 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Beesley, the day of their end-of-year program. She was an absolutely fantastic teacher and Isaac will miss her! He did such a good job in his program.
Here is Isaac on the last day of school. He had his friends sign his face. Quite creative, and pretty funny to see as he walked down the sidewalk to where I was waiting in the van. Silly Isaac! You are growing up so fast.
Here are Isaac's friends at his party at the South Davis Rec Center. We had pizza and cake and ice cream and opened presents, then went swimming in the kids pool. All of the kids had a great time!
Here is Isaac with Abbi, a girl in his class at school. She came to the swimming party and gave him the movie Hotel for Dogs as her present. She also gave him a card with a picture she had drawn on the inside of them holding hands surrounded by flowers (and then she tried to convince me that her mom had drawn it). Pretty cute. She tells Isaac things like, "I really like your eyes."
Handsome boy! Happy Seventh Birthday, Isaac! We love you!
Isaac with Kari at our family party.
With Jon and Melissa...
...Grandma Barbara...
and Grandma and Grandpa Yurth. Thanks for coming everybody!

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