Sunday, May 31, 2009



Nathan's Dad, Kirt, is a very gifted artist. He was invited this month to do a showing at a local gallery here in Bountiful. Here are the boys trying the mimic the statues outside of the gallery.
Posing with Grandpa as he paints. We're proud of you, Dad/Grandpa!

Ava saying "Weee" on the porch swing of our cabin next to Jacob. The pink dog belted around her has a leash attachment (as I was paranoid about her walking into campfires, etc). She absolutely hated it when it was attached! Big surprise! We had fun despite the rain. We had fun telling made-up ghost stories with our little family in our cabin. Some of the boy's stories were very interesting!
Aunt Melissa going Guerrilla Warfare for our marshmallow gun fight.
Uncle Anthony doing the same (except he actually has military training, so watch out everyone)!
Two cute boys above the lake on the drive out of town.
The view to the back of the van on the drive home....priceless.

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