Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Kayla's First Photo Shoot

So I took Kayla to Target on Saturday to get her photos taken, and when I arrived, both photographers were helping the current appointments pick their photo packages. I waited patiently by the counter until one of them noticed me standing there.

"Are you here for a session?" the girl asked.

"Yes," I responded.

"Wonderful! We'll be right with you."

So I proceeded to wait another twenty minutes, with a steadily-growing-hungry-in-her-cute- little-outfit-baby.....but all is good, I think. It's okay. I know how agonizing it is to pick between cute pictures of your kids. Let them take their time.

After another ten minutes, they are finally done. I start gathering my things to walk closer to the studio door. I can tell Kayla won't last much longer in the elusive happy-before-hungry phase that you never can predict when taking pictures of infants. This will be perfect timing, I thought.

I smiled at the photographer girl who had spoken with me earlier, and she smiled back. "Okay, would you guys like to come on in, and Josi will get started with you."

It took me a minute to understand what was happening when I was suddenly surrounded by, and then passed by, another family all scrubbed and shining in their picture clothes. They walked in, and I stood, confused, in the same spot my heels had been digging into for an half hour (yes, the studio has a few chairs in it's minuscule lobby, but they were all blocked, unused, by one of the previous appointments' shopping cart. Empty shopping cart).

The girl I had spoken with looked down at everything and anything on the counter that could divert her attention from looking at me. Flabbergasted, I said, "My appointment was an half hour ago, I'm confused - are you running behind?"

She got a kind of high-school-ish feigning innocence annoy-the-heck-out-of-you smile on her face and said, nonchalantly, "Yeah."

I could feel my face grow hot, and I knew things were going to come out of my mouth. Thankfully, those things only amounted to the words: "Well, gee, I sure would have liked to have known that before I stood here forever with a BABY and everything." I reached over to pick up my gargantuan bag of crap that every mom of a newborn must tote everywhere, then turned to ask, "How long will this take, then?"

She reassured me it would only be ten minutes longer. I put Kayla's carseat up into a shopping cart and pushed it around the baby aisles, so ANNOYED. But I knew, I knew that if I was the next appointment, and the other photographer was already helping someone, I was going to have to have my session done by Fake-smiling I-have-no-idea-why-you-are-upset Girl.

I knew to get through it with any kind of good memories, I had to release the anger and do one thing:


So I did. I told her right off the bat of our session that I was sorry for mumbling earlier.

I don't think she forgave me, because after all of that waiting, she had us in the studio for a total of six minutes picture-taking time, and she didn't wait to allow me to coax a single smile out of our little cutie. The pictures are still adorable, of course - but it is sad, that Kayla, the smiley-est baby on the face of the planet, didn't get one smiling two-month photo.

Oh well. Enough of my ranting.

I will at least say that I had such pleasure as I heard her promptly say to the next family who entered the lobby "We're running a little behind."

Hopefully she learned her lesson.

Here are some of the photos of our adorable little one. I guess you'll have to see her smiles in person!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Kayla Is Growing!

Kayla gets cuter and chubbier and sweeter and smiley-er every day. She will be blessed this Sunday, so we'll have more photos to post of that soon! Here are a few of her cute little face.

Every baby needs a photo like this, right?



Here is a combination of two of Ava's dearest loves: swings, and buckets as hats. This one she especially loves because it is clear, and she can see through it. Silly girl!

My mom came over to help me re-sew the bodice on Ava's original blessing dress. Ava didn't wear it as a baby because it was way too huge! I made the mistake of waiting until the night before to try it on her and she was literally swimming in it. I ended up hyperventilating at the Distribution Center as they helped me find a dress.

So when my mom came, I pulled out the dress, and laughed at the size of it. "I bet she could still wear this," I said. So, 18 months later, Ava finally fits into her blessing dress. Ignore Jacob in the background. He was helping hold her so she wouldn't try to walk and trip on the dress. I've finished re-sewing it so Kayla can wear it this Sunday!


I didn't remember about taking a picture until the boys were getting ready for bed. Isaac has taken to sleeping in his underwear, and insisted on taking the photo in his underwear, with his backpack on. I relented, knowing I could maybe use this photo as blackmail someday, I don't know know, threaten to show it to Prom dates, etc....but it still is adorable. So here he is with a sign I drew -
- and here he is with a sign of his own drawing. Pretty adorable. He's so skinny! He'll fill out someday! Most Americans are dealing with childhood obesity, and I can't seem to get my kids to gain anything.
Jacob was jealous and of course needed a photo of himself in his underwear. Here he is with an instrument he made by recycling materials from home. It is a combination drum/flute.


Nathan and his dad, Kirt, took the boys to Flaming Gorge the weekend before school started. They got to bring grandpa's boat and camp out overnight, all the good stuff. Jacob had a little bit of a hard time, he felt cold on the boat and got sick on the way home. Here he is, wrapped up in a sleeping bag on the boat, in the middle of August. Poor little guy!

More evidence of Jacob not feeling well. His position makes me feel bad as I am laughing at how silly he looks. Again, poor little guy!

He felt well on the boat at night, and here he is with his first bass that he caught!
Look at that handsome Isaac! This is one of the Salmon that he caught. Know what I'm thinking? This picture will be in a wedding video someday.
But probably not this picture. He looks as though he is barfing over the edge, but he isn't. Nathan and Kirt spent all of their time keeping him inside the boat, he was just fascinated by the water, constantly leaning over and dragging his hands and feet in the waves as they were moving. Yet, who was it that fell out? Yes, Mr. Jacob - there he goes, bob, bobbing away as Daddy lunges over the back to rescue him. Fortunately he had a life jacket on, and all is well - unfortunately we don't have photo of a cute, and, and I'm sure very scared and soaked Jacob.
But we have pictures of a very silly Isaac. What a crazy kid.
I love this picture! Isaac was so excited to drive the boat.
There he is dragging those toes. It does look refreshing!
What a cutie!

I'd say those are the three most handsome fishermen in the world! Thanks, grandpa, for the awesome trip!


This has to be the cutest parade marcher ever. Jacob got to walk in the Centerville parade with our Stake's Primary. The insane and weirdly threatening fight for saving spots along Main Street (which starts the night before) prevented us from having any place to actually watch the parade, but I was there with him at the beginning, and then waiting at the end to pick him up. The leaders said he had a great time!

We also went as a family to Park City. We spent some time by the Alpine slide, where they have rides for little kids too. Here is a pic of Jacob and Faith in the airplane. Faith is gripping the sides for dear life.

Isaac is big enough to go on the Alpine Slide?!! Really, really, he's that big? (I was still sick to my stomach the whole time, imagining how quickly an innocent little body could be flung from the track if anything should go wrong.) Yay, they made it to the end alive and happy. Isaac makes sure everyone knows that he chose the "Dynamite Blaster" track to come down with Dad. I was too hugely pregnant to go on anything, so I admit I was a little jealous. Jacob went on the Alpine Coaster, but it was too far away up the hill to get a good picture of him with Nathan.

Kaiden, Faith, Isaac, Jacob, Ava....and some random girl on the kiddie train. Ava absolutely loved the rides, she would scream when it was time to get off. She went on the carousel twice, and each ride was ended with a huge fit. Yay for vacations with kids! She was so cute while the ride was going, it's easy to forget about the screaming part.
Cute cousins in front of our house! Juliana, Isaac, Joseph, Jacob, Ellie, and Ava! What cuties. Ava is already in her pajamas.
All I can say is that I am glad to have that lump off of me in exchange for a cute little baby girl! Good luck to Rachelle, she is having her baby (literally) while I write this. I hope it all goes well, Rachelle!