Thursday, September 3, 2009



Here is a combination of two of Ava's dearest loves: swings, and buckets as hats. This one she especially loves because it is clear, and she can see through it. Silly girl!

My mom came over to help me re-sew the bodice on Ava's original blessing dress. Ava didn't wear it as a baby because it was way too huge! I made the mistake of waiting until the night before to try it on her and she was literally swimming in it. I ended up hyperventilating at the Distribution Center as they helped me find a dress.

So when my mom came, I pulled out the dress, and laughed at the size of it. "I bet she could still wear this," I said. So, 18 months later, Ava finally fits into her blessing dress. Ignore Jacob in the background. He was helping hold her so she wouldn't try to walk and trip on the dress. I've finished re-sewing it so Kayla can wear it this Sunday!


I didn't remember about taking a picture until the boys were getting ready for bed. Isaac has taken to sleeping in his underwear, and insisted on taking the photo in his underwear, with his backpack on. I relented, knowing I could maybe use this photo as blackmail someday, I don't know know, threaten to show it to Prom dates, etc....but it still is adorable. So here he is with a sign I drew -
- and here he is with a sign of his own drawing. Pretty adorable. He's so skinny! He'll fill out someday! Most Americans are dealing with childhood obesity, and I can't seem to get my kids to gain anything.
Jacob was jealous and of course needed a photo of himself in his underwear. Here he is with an instrument he made by recycling materials from home. It is a combination drum/flute.


Nathan and his dad, Kirt, took the boys to Flaming Gorge the weekend before school started. They got to bring grandpa's boat and camp out overnight, all the good stuff. Jacob had a little bit of a hard time, he felt cold on the boat and got sick on the way home. Here he is, wrapped up in a sleeping bag on the boat, in the middle of August. Poor little guy!

More evidence of Jacob not feeling well. His position makes me feel bad as I am laughing at how silly he looks. Again, poor little guy!

He felt well on the boat at night, and here he is with his first bass that he caught!
Look at that handsome Isaac! This is one of the Salmon that he caught. Know what I'm thinking? This picture will be in a wedding video someday.
But probably not this picture. He looks as though he is barfing over the edge, but he isn't. Nathan and Kirt spent all of their time keeping him inside the boat, he was just fascinated by the water, constantly leaning over and dragging his hands and feet in the waves as they were moving. Yet, who was it that fell out? Yes, Mr. Jacob - there he goes, bob, bobbing away as Daddy lunges over the back to rescue him. Fortunately he had a life jacket on, and all is well - unfortunately we don't have photo of a cute, and, and I'm sure very scared and soaked Jacob.
But we have pictures of a very silly Isaac. What a crazy kid.
I love this picture! Isaac was so excited to drive the boat.
There he is dragging those toes. It does look refreshing!
What a cutie!

I'd say those are the three most handsome fishermen in the world! Thanks, grandpa, for the awesome trip!

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