Thursday, September 3, 2009


This has to be the cutest parade marcher ever. Jacob got to walk in the Centerville parade with our Stake's Primary. The insane and weirdly threatening fight for saving spots along Main Street (which starts the night before) prevented us from having any place to actually watch the parade, but I was there with him at the beginning, and then waiting at the end to pick him up. The leaders said he had a great time!

We also went as a family to Park City. We spent some time by the Alpine slide, where they have rides for little kids too. Here is a pic of Jacob and Faith in the airplane. Faith is gripping the sides for dear life.

Isaac is big enough to go on the Alpine Slide?!! Really, really, he's that big? (I was still sick to my stomach the whole time, imagining how quickly an innocent little body could be flung from the track if anything should go wrong.) Yay, they made it to the end alive and happy. Isaac makes sure everyone knows that he chose the "Dynamite Blaster" track to come down with Dad. I was too hugely pregnant to go on anything, so I admit I was a little jealous. Jacob went on the Alpine Coaster, but it was too far away up the hill to get a good picture of him with Nathan.

Kaiden, Faith, Isaac, Jacob, Ava....and some random girl on the kiddie train. Ava absolutely loved the rides, she would scream when it was time to get off. She went on the carousel twice, and each ride was ended with a huge fit. Yay for vacations with kids! She was so cute while the ride was going, it's easy to forget about the screaming part.
Cute cousins in front of our house! Juliana, Isaac, Joseph, Jacob, Ellie, and Ava! What cuties. Ava is already in her pajamas.
All I can say is that I am glad to have that lump off of me in exchange for a cute little baby girl! Good luck to Rachelle, she is having her baby (literally) while I write this. I hope it all goes well, Rachelle!

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