Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Kayla's First Photo Shoot

So I took Kayla to Target on Saturday to get her photos taken, and when I arrived, both photographers were helping the current appointments pick their photo packages. I waited patiently by the counter until one of them noticed me standing there.

"Are you here for a session?" the girl asked.

"Yes," I responded.

"Wonderful! We'll be right with you."

So I proceeded to wait another twenty minutes, with a steadily-growing-hungry-in-her-cute- little-outfit-baby.....but all is good, I think. It's okay. I know how agonizing it is to pick between cute pictures of your kids. Let them take their time.

After another ten minutes, they are finally done. I start gathering my things to walk closer to the studio door. I can tell Kayla won't last much longer in the elusive happy-before-hungry phase that you never can predict when taking pictures of infants. This will be perfect timing, I thought.

I smiled at the photographer girl who had spoken with me earlier, and she smiled back. "Okay, would you guys like to come on in, and Josi will get started with you."

It took me a minute to understand what was happening when I was suddenly surrounded by, and then passed by, another family all scrubbed and shining in their picture clothes. They walked in, and I stood, confused, in the same spot my heels had been digging into for an half hour (yes, the studio has a few chairs in it's minuscule lobby, but they were all blocked, unused, by one of the previous appointments' shopping cart. Empty shopping cart).

The girl I had spoken with looked down at everything and anything on the counter that could divert her attention from looking at me. Flabbergasted, I said, "My appointment was an half hour ago, I'm confused - are you running behind?"

She got a kind of high-school-ish feigning innocence annoy-the-heck-out-of-you smile on her face and said, nonchalantly, "Yeah."

I could feel my face grow hot, and I knew things were going to come out of my mouth. Thankfully, those things only amounted to the words: "Well, gee, I sure would have liked to have known that before I stood here forever with a BABY and everything." I reached over to pick up my gargantuan bag of crap that every mom of a newborn must tote everywhere, then turned to ask, "How long will this take, then?"

She reassured me it would only be ten minutes longer. I put Kayla's carseat up into a shopping cart and pushed it around the baby aisles, so ANNOYED. But I knew, I knew that if I was the next appointment, and the other photographer was already helping someone, I was going to have to have my session done by Fake-smiling I-have-no-idea-why-you-are-upset Girl.

I knew to get through it with any kind of good memories, I had to release the anger and do one thing:


So I did. I told her right off the bat of our session that I was sorry for mumbling earlier.

I don't think she forgave me, because after all of that waiting, she had us in the studio for a total of six minutes picture-taking time, and she didn't wait to allow me to coax a single smile out of our little cutie. The pictures are still adorable, of course - but it is sad, that Kayla, the smiley-est baby on the face of the planet, didn't get one smiling two-month photo.

Oh well. Enough of my ranting.

I will at least say that I had such pleasure as I heard her promptly say to the next family who entered the lobby "We're running a little behind."

Hopefully she learned her lesson.

Here are some of the photos of our adorable little one. I guess you'll have to see her smiles in person!


  1. Those pictures are absolutely darling! But I can't tell you how many times that has happened to me. Imagine how fun it is to be waiting with all THREE of my wild children! That may be one of the biggest reasons I took the pictures myself this time-- I get too aggravated with the portrait studio people, and they rarely capture my children like I want them to. I know you can do it better than they can, Holly-- so go out and get your camera :)

  2. Sorry you had such a bad experience, but the photos are still adorable. I love, love, love the bottom one. She is darling. Can't wait to see you guys next month.

  3. she is so cute!! What a frustrating experience. Just take pleasure in the fact that maybe some day she'll have a baby of her own and when they go to target to get her pictures taken the snotty little barely out of high school girl behind the counter will tell her "we're running a little behind" :)