Saturday, September 29, 2012

100 Day, Garbage, Ava, Meal Plans

For Family Home Evening last Monday we had a 100 Day party to celebrate having read to page 100 in the Book of Mormon together as a family. Only 431 pages left to go :)
(slow and steady wins the race)

Okay ladies - this is my garbage can.
 No, no - not the green on the right - that's right, the little green one on the left.

Here's my seven year old standing next to it, to give a perspective on it's size.  Oh yeah, and it's only picked up once every TWO weeks.  Thank you, Portland! 
Actually, for real - thank you, Portland. I am glad to live in a place where recycling and composting are being taken seriously. Like, way seriously.  We got a mailer saying that Portland has cut it's garbage output by 40% in the last 12 months. 
Go Green!
I hang my head in shame when I think of my humongous black can in Utah that was overflowing every week!  And we even had a recycling bin.
I also hang my head in shame when I think of all the gallons and gallons of water we would put on our grass every day or every other day there, too.  We learned quickly that people in Portland, for the most part, don't water their lawns in summer (as you can see by the yellow grass in the pics below).  It was a shock to move to yellow grass in this rainy land area, but it doesn't rain hardly at all in the summer here, and people know it will just start raining soon again,
and want to conserve water, so = dead grass. 
Or, only mostly dead.

 Ava performing in the backyard for anyone who will watch her. She often sings and dances until a neighbor will come out to talk to her.  Good thing we are surrounded by good people!

My little project this week.  I got a cheap magnet dry erase board and drew on it with permanent marker so I wouldn't be so wasteful with my throw away paper weekly planner sheets for meals. 
I like how it turned out. 

One funny last note:
At the 100 Day party mentioned above, it was Isaac's turn to say the FHE closing prayer, which also means blessing the treat (Grandma Harmon's Oatmeal Cake with Broiled Coconut Icing - yum).
In his prayer he said,
"Please bless the food so won't have, bacteria in it or anything."
We all couldn't help but laugh in the middle of the prayer at that one. 
Then give him a big hug afterwards.

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  1. Miss those sweet kiddos! Hope you're doing well. I feel like such a jerk that I haven't even had time to call and chat. It seems like I barely have a few minutes between everything. But, Kaiden's finally back in school this week, so hopefully I can get organized so I can chat for a while with you!