Saturday, September 15, 2012

{more of what we've been up to}

{Cannon Beach} - today!

Cannon Beach is about 1 hr 40 min from our house, so I decided to take the kids for a last chance beach visit before it gets too cold to enjoy it this year. And it was still pretty cold! There was a 20 degree difference from our house (82) to the coast (62).
This is the very first thing Kayla did as we hit the sand, lay down and make a sand angel. She was so enamoured with how soft it was.

haystack rock

The first thing Ava did was hit the sand in true beauty pose fashion and started looking around to see if anyone else was noticing her. She bawled and bawled when I told her it would be too cold for her swimming suit, so the compromise was that she could wear a tank top with shorts (I usually always make her wear a little white shirt under her tank tops). This offer dried up the tears immediately, and she chose her favorite orange top. I could tell it made her feel a little wierd because she kept pointing out other girls and saying "Mama, that girl is even more not modest than I am."

Jacob, our tactile child
I just love those stubby little legs.
two girls ready to take on the cold water....
...and the fall soon thereafter. this pic is golden.
all wet! complete with precious crooked sunglasses

brrr...this kid is fearless. and determined.

love this
those misty rocks are mesmerizing
Isaac claiming he can see the pirate ship from the end of the Goonies
positively excited
Jacob's heart went out to this little struggling fish on the beach. It was extra sad because a seagull swooped down and snatched it up!
Once Ava was done playing in the water and realized how cold and dirty she was, this was her general disposition (imagine lots of dramatic whining). She didn't want to let her legs touch when she walked.
I love that I caught this moment. Isaac is jumping over a message he wrote for Daddy.
admiring Isaac's sweet message
We miss you Dad!!!!!!
so cold
Me and the girls
sandy toes

he couldn't resist
unearthing.....and then a ride home in the van. So fun to be close enough to do this for a day trip on a last minute whim. And the drive itself - beautiful! Love to be a part of this area.
{earlier this month}
harvesting tomatoes with two cuties
first day of school
Ava getting jealous over the pics of first day of school, thus needing her own

sprinkler fun

I love that when they noticed I was taking a picture they stopped and held still
My little lego creator
love the perspective on this one
{Sauvie Island Farms}
My little sunflowers. Kayla was throwing a fit at this point because she was hot and tired.
Ava felt like a princess in this field of U-Cut flowers.
I *love* this pic. Exactly what a fruit snack should be.

I gave him a ball cap but the bowl was more interesting, I guess.
The lady working at the farmstand showed our kids this sweet little frog that always seems to make his way back to their tables. Precious! Look at that dirty Kayla face.

Am I surprised? Nathan is inspired by our visit to the farm and immediately recruits the kids to plant some more seeds in the backyard as soon as we get home.

{Portland Saturday Market}
It was fun to go to the market with Cory and Rachelle and the kids!
This guy was a great salesman and could have kept talking to the kids all day, teaching them about his genious handcarved tops
The lanterns were so cool.
Feel bad that I caught the designer at such a bad moment in the background. She was just talking to us as I snapped the pic. Imagine a pergola in the backyard with these hanging beneath. Awesome! I want.
All our ducks in a row
from the front. The older kids are mad because we told them they couldn't go get soaked in the fountain. Notice what I didn't notice until we got to the market - Jacob's fashionable pair of different sized tan dress socks. Adorable!
Jacob and his chocolate ice cream goatee.
Once done with ice cream, they were so sticky we let them wash off in the fountain.
suddenly happy again
This robot looking guy used those crystal ball things like David Bowie in Labrynth. Except that was a hand double and not really David Bowie. Cory said he saw Nathan studying his moves, just in case this whole pharmacy thing doesn't work out.
Ava dancing to the music. What a day!


  1. Holly these are treasures!! Looks like you had a blast even though Nathan wasn't there. Miss ya!

  2. These are treasures!! Looks like you had a blast, even with out their daddy. Miss ya!

  3. Love all your pictures!! But, I missed something....... Where do you guys live???? When did you move??? Why? Where is Nathan? Why do you guys miss him? Sorry for all the questions!! It's great to see you!

  4. Ha ha Cami yes we up and moved quite suddenly. We are in Portland, OR. The reason we were missing daddy is he is still working his Salt Lake job 7 on 7 off while we waited for his Oregon Pharmacist license to come through (which it did last week). Now for finding a job! We did this a little backwards, but know it was the right thing to do!

  5. Cami - and to clarify, we basically sold our house and came here because we wanted to! We love this area and wanted to try it out.