Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Oh my heck it let me write a post!

Okay, so I guess my computer is not loving the new blogger interface or something, I got it to go back to the old interface, and ta-da! I can post again. My computer is a nice new computer so I don't know what the problem is, but I can't post, so I will figure that all out later.
Here are some pics of what we have been up to lately:

People have wanted to see pics of this "forest park" around the corner from our house. In this first photo, the boys have gathered kids around these spinning cup things to witness a multi-round spinjitzu tournament of their own invention. Basically they spin lego mini-figures around until one of them shoots out. They are really entertained by it, too! Their elementary school is in the background.

Some of the playground equipment amidst the trees! So beautiful. It smells amazing in here, all woodsy and green.
Two cute brothers.
Sweet miss Kayla.
And dramatic Miss Ava. This is the place she usually gravitates toward, and once she's ready, the Disney songs start with improvised lyrics in full belt volume. Adorable!

Other things we've been up to:

My sister Ally's wedding! It was precious. Here she is with my new bro-in-law, Jon Gfeller. Already felt like a brother to us anyway :) Doesn't she look amazing?

Kari did her makeup and hair.

My endlessly creative sister Andrea made so many things for the wedding
including this photo prop booth to take old-timey photos. It would take a new photo every three seconds, in sets of three. Pretty cute!

Love the lighting on this one of Kayla.

Ava and Jasmine!

Ava's hair was going to be done up in an amazing hairdo, but the hour before the wedding she pulled her hair flower to pieces at our cabin. Her flower on her dress was also in pieces by the time the evening was over. As for Kayla, she cut a huge chunk out of her hair with scissors a few weeks ago, so I was hiding the chunk by NOT pulling her hair back. Good thing little girls are beautiful no matter what!

Such an amazing venue. Loved it!

What little girl can resist looking through her legs upside down?

Jacob was the hit of the evening when he asked the DJ to put on "Beat It" and then grabbed the microphone and rocked it out in front of a bunch of adults who were LOVING it.
Dance with Daddy

We also went to Yellowstone for a day.

It cracks me up that this is how we watch Old Faithful in 2012.

Get your electronic device ready!

Kayla didn't care much for watching the geyser and entertained herself by bouncing on this fallen tree. I was so waiting for it to snap at any moment.

With my Mom with the Snow Lodge in the background. Okay just kidding my sister Ally just corrected me with love. It's the Old Faithful Inn. Love you Ally!

We got geysered on!!! How many people can say that. As we were walking past the Lion Head Group, one of them just happened to erupt all over us. We got pretty soaked. Jacob thought it was awesome until Nathan asked "Wait - is there acid in this?" after which he got very nervous.

What a scene to end the drive back to the cabin. Awesome!

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  1. Great pictures, Holl :) By the way, that is the Old Faithful Inn behind you and Mom.. not the Snow Lodge ;) I love you so much and miss you guys like CRRRAAZZZZZZZZZY! Can't wait to come visit!