Sunday, November 4, 2012

October Was Busy!

Jacob harvested the big Sunflower in our backyard. 
 We then let it dry for a couple weeks before harvesting the seeds. 

{Portland Japanese Garden)

{General Conference Weekend}

 looking for Grandma Harmon
 Since we could watch Conference either live via, or an hour later via byutv on our Roku, we watched the second session an hour later to grab a three hour break in the middle of Saturday sessions.  We drove out to One Green World in Mollala to go to a taste testing.  They had grapes, apples, pears, cornelian cherries, fresh gelato, and some berries like Autumn Olive and other interesting things.

 long story short: Nathan was in heaven.

Back home and watching for Grandma Sunday morning.
And no, Grandma is not that man playing the organ.
The screen shot changed just as I took the picture! 

{harvesting the sunflower seeds}


{Garden Pics}

 Nathan is so proud of his garlic root growth.

outside nap (yeah, right.) 

love this 

two cute brothers 

or should we say silly?

{baking bread with Daddy}

learning to knead 

fun to squish 

eating the reward 

a jealous sister who was certain Kayla was eating Ava's loaf and not her own
{More Taste Testing - Portland Nursery}

So cool to live in an area where you have access to products like
Microbrewed Fertilizers 
Handcrafted Soils

Kayla was asleep by the time we got there (10 minute drive)

Even more apples and pears to taste, with a handy typed-up sheet of the varieties.

Sour face!
 Didn't like that one. 

Rock n Crow, one of the entries in their Scarecrow Contest.  He was the boys' favorite. 

And this Hula Girl one was the girls' - I know, BIG surprise! 

{Hood River Harvest Fest}
The next day we went east to Hood River to check out their annual Harvest Fest.  It really is just a glorified farmers market of sorts, a bunch of tents, people hawking their jewelry and selling funnel cakes, with only one row of actual farm-fresh produce. 
We were hoping for something with a little more charm, but hey, it was cold and rainy, so our judgement may have been a little skewed.

having it out by the marina did make for a cool setting by the Columbia River

albeit wet and cold 

Our happy find while there - the Mountain Rose apple, grown by Kiyokama Orchards.  It is a pink-fleshed variety of apple, you see it on the left next to some Mutsu apple slices on the right.
So pretty and unique!
So far, in all the taste testing, our favorites are the Golden Russet, and Mutsu. 
For a dessert apple, we like Ambrosia.

My mom sent a Halloween package in the mail and the kids were so excited.  The things inside kept us busy, and basically planned Family Night for us - thanks, Mom!

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