Monday, December 17, 2012

Portland Children's Museum and More

These pictures were taken at our first visit to the museum in November.  The kids loved it so much I decided to get us a family membership, which was less money than the cost of taking myself and four kids to the museum two times. Great deal!  Now we can go back whenever we want.
Isaac on the Crocodile Dentist Chair

All four kiddos. Oh yes - did I mention I took them by myself? I got more than a few gawking stares directed toward the crazy lady who not only dared bring more than one child into the world, she then dared to take them to the Children's Museum by herself.


Isaac and Jacob loved the waterworks section.  They could have stayed here all day!

Time for the spotlight!  Get my girls to a stage and watch the divas emerge.

Isaac manned the ticket booth in some masculine-looking padded thing.

Oh - and made sure to change out the name of the show.
  Have no idea where the "Doodle" part came from. 
 Silly kid!  

Okay, Jacob is a little (more like, HUGE) performer himself. I think they could hear his voice on the other side of the museum.  This child has power!  He was singing in the bathroom at church on Sunday.  And not just any song.  The melody to Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" echoed out through the lobby, leaving not a few faces with smiles and shaking shoulders.

Of course Ava's first instinct in the pet hospital is to give each animal a shot.

Isaac's first instinct was to put the flea collar....on himself.

Jacob and this little girl were quick friends.  She was very dramatic and actually reminded me of myself. She was on the stage with my kids at the same time, and was barking out orders to everyone and was frustrated that no one was catching her vision.  *a girl after my own heart*
Anyway, here the two of them are analyzing an x-ray of the dog, and Jacob then loudly exclaimed that he feared the dog had "broken his large intestine."

There is a clay studio there, equipped with everything a budding sculptor would need.  You can even fire your creations in a kiln if you would like.  My kids loved it, could have stayed in here all day.

Kayla just kept adding water and water and water to her clay with this brush.  

There is a Marc Chagall exhibit of his artwork, and a painting studio for the kids
with lots of paper and lots of paint and, thankfully, smocks as well.

Again, they could have stayed at this part all day. They must have painted three masterpieces each.  There are drying racks to let your artwork dry while you explore the rest of the museum.  Too bad we came to this part last, so our stuff was wet as we walked out the door - learned our lesson to paint first, then explore the other exhibits.  So fun, two thumbs up from this mom of kids ages 3 to 10 for the Portland Children's Museum.

Nathan's mom recently returned from a trip to Hawaii, and she gave our girls swimsuits and hula skirts.  Ava slips this on whenever I'm not looking and prances around to her heart's delight.
Thanks, Grandma!

Ava never ceases to amaze me with her artistic skills. 
She colored this picture with colored pencil.
  I am so impressed with her fine motor skills at age 4. She loves to color and draw! 

Miss Kayla had a Super Hero Party at preschool. So cute!

My mom sent us a Christmas package with all kinds of fun things for the kids to do this month.  Pictured here is the "grow your own Crystal Tree".  The kids loved this.  We put the solution in the tray at bedtime, and when they woke up the next day, the tree was formed.  Voila!

This picture will become a keepsake. Most of our decorating stuff, including Christmas decorations, are still packed up in Utah at Nathan's mom's house.  We only had our little 4 ft tree to set up, not our huge one, but it wouldn't fit in our house anyway.  I told the kids we'd stop by the dollar store for some ornaments to hang on it for this year.  They went in their rooms and came out with these things they had made.  "No need to spend any money, Mom.  We've got it covered,"  said Jacob.

Ariel, Pinkie Pie and Scoot-a-loo

a lego man hiding in a snowball fort

a lego Christmas tree, complete with stand and lights

and Isaac's sweet reminder of the reason for it all.

My kids blow me away every day with their imagination and goodness.
And sometimes with their screaming.

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