Saturday, February 9, 2013

Jacob's Baptism and More

 On Saturday, February 2 our sweet Jacob Robert Harmon

We are so lucky and blessed to have Jacob in our lives.  He is such a special, thoughtful boy with a very strong testimony of the gospel, even at his young age.
The bishop felt he was the most remarkable boy he had ever interviewed for baptism -
and as his mother, I would have to agree.
But I am biased.

It was wonderful to have Nathan's parents and my parents out from Utah to join us,
and also Nathan's sister Rachelle and her husband Cory and their kids from the Seattle area.
It was a very special day, the Holy Ghost could be felt very strongly at the service, and Jacob bore his testimony for us.  He is a powerful little man!
The next day was fast Sunday, where we share testimonies with the congregation if we feel moved to do so.  As soon as he could, Jacob got up to the stand to wait his turn.  As he stood looking out at the people, he simply smiled and said an exuberant,
He continued, "Well, ya know, as I was getting baptized yesterday, I just kept thinking....that I wished I could have stayed under the water for a little longer."
Yes he is quite the jokester.  He seems to naturally understand how to start out a little speech with an ice breaker or something, so cute.
He then stated, "But, I just wanted you all to know that, I felt the Spirit really strong when I got baptized, and I know that this church is true...and I know that Jesus is a real person, that He really came to this earth to live here...and that all the things that we have to face in our life, He already faced them for us.  And I know that Joseph Smith really had the First Vision, and that the Book of Mormon is true.  In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen."
Sure love that little man.
The day before his baptism was his 1 yr anniversary for Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis.
He wanted to celebrate it.  
We have been through so much with this little guy in only one year, and he has been my hero. 
 If only there were a cure! 
 I hate having to watch him get poked and poke him myself in order
to take care of him.
But he has been so positive.  Thanks for your example of courage, Jacob!
The weekend held more than just his baptism for us.  We got to:
Go to the Children's Museum with my parents after opening Jacob's gift from them.

Take my parents to see Multnomah Falls. 
I *love* living so close to such a beautiful place.
 The boys were in school, so it was just us and the girls.

Zoomed in to get a pic of my Mom up on the bridge.
Hi Mom!

We basically had the place to ourselves.  It was great.

Opening more gifts with Grandma Harmon!
So glad she was able to ride with Nathan in his truck and be there when in broke down.
So glad it was fixed quickly and you guys made it here safely!

Getting reaquainted with her long lost Big Wheel.

So happy to see the cousins!

Oh, our ever stoic Kayla. 
 We loved having Grandpa Harmon to visit, too.
We had him all to ourselves for Friday evening and the kids had a blast.
Love you, Grandpa!

We were even privileged to hear a rendition of "Call Me Maybe"
by sweet cousin Ellie.
You go, girl!
I have more to post later, about our trip we took to Utah in January!
 Also, Nathan and the boys went to see the Monster Truck show today, so we have plenty of pics from that.
I love my family, we are so blessed! 

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  1. Jacob's testimony made me cry and the pics of the girls in their rain gear are just too dang cute. You have awesome kids Holl..and they have an AMAZING mom.