Saturday, March 9, 2013

Catching Up to Do

On January 2, my dear Grandma Barbara Yurth passed away. 
We made the trip to Utah for her funeral and it was wonderful to see everybody there.
Grandma will be missed!
But what a legacy of family she leaves behind. 
Love my family!

I am sad that I had left my camera behind in Portland, and because of that didn't get any pics of our time with Grandpa Harmon and Grammy and Vinny!
Nathan brought it with him on the plane the morning of the funeral.
From the luncheon following the funeral:

After the luncheon, we were able to go stay with Nathan's mom.
Jacob got to play with a snake Nathan had caught for him.

 Even Kayla was brave enough to hold it.
After that we had a family party with the cousins.  My kids were so excited to see everybody, and I was too.

This was apparently the fun thing to do.

 Nathan couldn't help but give it a try. 
 Oh, dear.

It is Nathan's favorite thing to catch photos of me with ridiculous expressions on my face.

By the end of the night, we all felt pretty much like this.

The next night we had a party for the many January birthdays on my side of the family.

A slide in the house?  So fun.

I love my funny sister.

Okay, so I don't remember exactly how my sister accrued this evil-too-real-looking baby doll,
but it was the center of attention for much of the evening. 
My mom was terrified of it.
Look at that head of hair!  Too real. 
Opening presents!

Oh, yeah - did I forget to mention she owns TWO creepy baby dolls?
This one was about ready to keel over.
My ever-humorous brother-in-law, ready to get mom with a tuft of evil baby hair.
When she saw it perched on her shoulder she swatted it away and recoiled in terror.
We all laughed our heads off, of course.

Looks like it finally gave up the ghost. 

They couldn't resist one more prank. She has no idea.

Frosting face!

Okay, so one more. 
My mom thought my dad put it on her purse but alas. It was us hooligan children.
My sister told me later that it was smuggled home to my mom and dad's house, where it was hidden in my mom's bed for yet another prank on my poor mom's nerves.
I have a feeling this baby will become a family tradition.
A wierd, creepy, joke of a tradition.
Where will evil baby strike next?
Thought I would end the January update with this particularly awesome fashion choice of Kayla's.
More on Feb in the next post!

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