Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mythbusters: The Explosive Exhibit at OMSI

We had a great time this last week taking our kids to OMSI
(Oregon Museum of Science and Industry)
to see the Mythbusters exhibit.
Here are some photos of the fun we had!

.watching intro video.

Nathan taking a stab at the pull-out-the-tablecloth challenge. Only one vase fell.

My turn. I think I am a little too excited to try this.

Clean sweep!

Ava didn't want to try but preferred to hang out under the table by the creepy mannequin's feet.

Do you get less wet by running through the rain?
Jacob writing his idea to submit to the Mythbusters team.
It included something about a four-way crash and semis and lots of blowing up.

Ava's idea was a smiley faced girl and a caption that read FM AVa HARMON.
See that Jack of Diamonds?  Facing out center left?
Yeah - Nathan threw that. 
Take that killer playing cards challenge!
I tried to get a serious "I am the coolest" photo of him next to it,
but the wide eyed silly stare is all I could get out of my funny man.
He's so cute.

Ava was scared most of the time because of all the loud noises going on. She covered her ears a lot.
 Kayla's creation.
Not what you were meant to do with it, but totally brilliant!
Another loud noise. Oh no! It's okay Ava!
A fun live show they did with paintballs, testing reaction speed. I watched it with Jacob.
Ava was watching it with us...until the paintballs started flying, then she ran back out to Daddy.

Jacob is still my little plug your ears buddy.
He used to have to plug his ears and squueze his eyes so tight at the THX sound system demos
at the beginning of movies.


 Phonebooth change your clothes in under 30 seconds challenge.
Perfectly cute, with upside-down goggles and all.

Got 'em right side up this time.
Super Isaac!

Done with Mythbusters exhibit...and that was only 1/10th of the photos.
Lots of cool things.
Even the Flatus Ingnition Chair.
They have a live "Explosion of the Hour" in various spots around the museum.
Super Cool! We love Mythbusters!

Kayla checking out the Saber-Tooth Cat.

She spotted me taking her picture.

Look at that adorable nose pressed to the glass.

Helping Daddy build a three-way arch.
We did it!

Isaac loves all things science, so he was pretty much in heaven at every turn.
Picture over - back to business.

Another of Kayla's creations.

Hallway of brain-teasers overlooking the Willamette River. Such a pretty day!

Here is where Nathan got a hold of the camera and started to show off his portraiture skills.
He had pretty good material to work with!

Oh, my heavens Ava Marie, look at those eyes. You are an angel.
Except for when you are screaming.

Oh, Daddy.....

These family portraits are awesome.
Can't tell what I love more - Isaac's face, or Kayla's.

Think I might frame this one.
It's the real moments we will treasure in our photos, right?!!!!
Ha ha love these silly kids.

Taking a little break outside. What a view!  Awesome location.
Other than my kids nearly being killed about a dozen times
 by people going faster on bikes
then cars on the freeway.
Portlanders love their bikes!

Back inside for some robotics.  I played Connect 4 with Isaac. So cool!

Even Kayla wanted to try her hand at it.
My cute little engineer!

If there is anything that has to do with water, Jacob will find it.
He is drawn to water like a moth to a flame.
He spent a long time launching this water bottle rocket.

Time to go home.
You can only step on the bricks, Daddy.
The grey is lava.

I can now officially say I have parked underneath the freeway. 
What a fun day.  We are now OMSI members, we will be back for many a time this year.

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