Saturday, April 20, 2013

Playing Catch Up

 Some things I missed.  For Jacob's birthday we had Daddy take the boys to the Monster Jam monster truck show.  They had a great time.

On Valentine's Day, Ava tromped around as Tinkerbell. With hot pink rainboots, of course.

We picked carrots in February!

.daddy daughter moment.

My flowers from Nathan lasted two weeks!  I love alstromeria.

Can't keep this guy out of the garden. He loves it so much.

Pretty girl!

Ava turned FIVE. Going on fifteen.

Over spring break, we played with bubbles...
Went to Oaks Park amusement park in Portland by the river...

...made Dr Seuss-inspired paper landscape sculptures at the Troutdale library...

went to Leach Botanical Gardens...

had a treasure hunt which included goodies from one grandma....

and a gift certificate at our local nursery from the other grandma!  Isaac chose these flowers because they were black, which made them therefore cool.
The day before Easter, we had our egg hunt in the backyard.

Ten days ago or so, Jacob got to help Daddy start up the new lawnmower.

.so big.
After which Ava ran away around the corner and we had to chase her down.

Jacob and his 3D lego piece of art.  Very clever, I say!

A flower Nathan picked for me from our yard. Beautiful!
We are letting our kale go to seed so we can collect and replant them next season.  These are the beautiful flowers at the top of the kale plants.
I don't know what this plant is but it grows under our window and smells divine.
the red leaves on the maple tree

Today was a good day to put toys in a laundry tub and drag them out to the backyard.

Jacob found this slug today, and instantly bonded with him.
He is huge and disgusting.

.bonding time.

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