About Me

I started this blog under our family name almost eleven years ago as a fun way to stay connected with my friends and family.

I have since watched it grow in readership, and I now have visitors from all over the globe.  

The focus has slowly shifted from being a simple vehicle to share the adventures of myself and my children, to a blog full of fresh-faced Mormon Mom Veneer, to now becoming a place that I can safely share my story and perspective being a single mother 
in the LDS faith. 

I see you.

I hear you.

I support you.

LDS single mothers make up a very unique
{and, dare I say, BADASS}
 population in the world.

On this blog you will find my sincere, honest reflections. I have a testimony, but I also have doubts. I have a lot of positivity and hope, but I have lived through some terribly dark things.

I know you have, too.

Hang in there.

We can do this together.



{A Mother Who Knows}